Operating System Format

Sometimes a computer comes to a point where reformat is the best idea. Some of the reformat work will be done on-site, as soon as the system is up, the rest of the work can be completed through remote access to keep your cost to a minimum.

If you get the blue screen of death, having dll erros, frequent software crashes, scrubbed with spyware, malware, viruses defragged, chkdsked, it is a good time to reformat your operating system.

We will take measures as backing up your data, audit your current PC setup, saying good bye to your old C: drive, installing your new operating system on C: and/or D: drives, go through windows installation process, install missing drivers, update windows, install all needed software applications and tweak windows to taste, and restore all your data back onto new operating system.

Reformatting your operating system is not an easy task; there are several junctures where lots of things can go wrong that can affect the way your PC functions forever. Further, this isn’t a task one can complete in just a few hours. There are lots of ways to fix PC problems before reinstalling the operating system. The fresh install should be your absolute last resort.

If you are in the situation of: I need backup, I need help, My computer doesn’t work, my network doesn’t work, virus removal, I need data backup, I need my printer fixed, I need to move my PC’s and Printers, I need to get a new operating system, I need to backup my files, Confused about operating systems, I want to add new hardware, I want to change my hardware, I want remove spyware, I need my network router to be installed, I lost my files, I want to upgrade my software, I want to fix my laptop, I want to install new software, I need a system tune up, My computer is running slow, I want to change my printer cartridge, and more questions, just give us a call.


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